28 Days (2000)

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Watch Full 28 Days (2000) Netflix Stream, After getting into a car accident while drunk on the day of her sister's wedding, Gwen Cummings is given a choice between prison or a rehab center. She chooses rehab, but is extremely resistant to taking part in any of the treatment programs they have to offer, refusing to admit that she has an alcohol addiction.

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Director: Betty Thomas
Executive Producer: Jenno Topping
Screenplay: Susannah Grant
Editor: Peter Teschner
Stars: Sandra Bullock (Gwen Cummings), Viggo Mortensen (Eddie Boone), Dominic West (Jasper), Elizabeth Perkins (Lily Cummings), Alan Tudyk (Gerhardt), Steve Buscemi (Cornell), Reni Santoni (Daniel), Marianne Jean-Baptiste (Roshanda), Mike O'Malley (Oliver), Azura Skye (Andrea),

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