A Dog’s Will (2000)

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Watch Full A Dog’s Will (2000) Netflix Stream, The lively João Grilo and the sly Chicó are poor guys living in the hinterland who cheat a bunch of people in a small Northeast Brazil town. But when they die, they have to be judged by Christ, the Devil and the Virgin Mary, before they are admitted to paradise.

A Dog

Director: Guel Arraes

Writer: Guel Arraes

Stars: Matheus Nachtergaele (João Grilo), Selton Mello (Chicó), Lima Duarte (Bispo), Rogério Cardoso (Padre João), Denise Fraga (Dora), Diogo Vilela (Padeiro Eurico), Luís Melo (Diabo), Virginia Cavendish (Rosinha), Bruno Garcia (Vicentão), Maurício Gonçalves (Jesus Cristo),

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