Almost Famous (2000)

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Watch Full Almost Famous (2000) Netflix Stream, Almost Famous is an autobiographical inspired film about a 15-year-old who is hired by Rolling Stone magazine to follow and interview a rock band during their tour. A film about growing up, first love, disappointment, and the life of a rock star.

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Director: Cameron Crowe
Producer: Ian Bryce
Screenplay: Cameron Crowe
Editor: Joe Hutshing
Stars: Patrick Fugit (William Miller), Billy Crudup (Russell Hammond), Kate Hudson (Penny Lane), Frances McDormand (Elaine Miller), Jason Lee (Jeff Bebe), Zooey Deschanel (Anita Miller), Michael Angarano (Young William), Anna Paquin (Polexia Aphrodisia), Fairuza Balk (Sapphire), Noah Taylor (Dick Roswell),

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