Anatomy (2000)

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Watch Full Anatomy (2000) Netflix Stream, Medical student Paula Henning wins a place at an exclusive Heidelberg medical school. When the body of a young man she met on the train turns up on her dissection table, she begins to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death, and uncovers a gruesome conspiracy perpetrated by an Antihippocratic secret society operating within the school.

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Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky
Producer: Jakob Claussen
Screenplay: Stefan Ruzowitzky
Editor: Ueli Christen
Stars: Franka Potente (Paula), Benno F├╝rmann (Hein), Anna Loos (Gretchen), Oliver Wnuk (Ludwig), Sebastian Blomberg (Caspar), Holger Speckhahn (Phil), Traugott Buhre (Prof. Grombek), Arndt Schwering-Sohnrey (David), Andreas Guenther (Franz), Antonia Holfelder (Gabi),

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