Charlie’s Angels (2000)

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Watch Full Charlie’s Angels (2000) Netflix Stream, Aspects of this take on the 1970s hit TV series are similar to the original show :Angels Dylan, Natalie and Alex still work for Charlie and interface with Bosley. They still flip their hair, stop traffic with a smile and kick butt. The differences are the unsubtle humor, the martial arts training and the high-tech premise: This time, they're hot on the trail of stolen software.


Director: McG
Producer: Drew Barrymore
Screenplay: John August
Editor: Peter Teschner
Stars: Cameron Diaz (Natalie Cook), Drew Barrymore (Dylan Sanders), Lucy Liu (Alex Munday), Bill Murray (John Bosley), Sam Rockwell (Eric Knox), Kelly Lynch (Vivian Wood), Tim Curry (Roger Corwin), Crispin Glover (Thin Man), Matt LeBlanc (Jason Gibbons), LL Cool J (Mr. Jones),

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