Heartbreakers (2001)

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Watch Full Heartbreakers (2001) Netflix Stream, Max and Page are a brilliant mother/daughter con team who have their grift down to a fine science. Max targets wealthy, willing men and marries them. Page then seduces them, and Max catches her husband in the act. Then it's off to palimony city and the next easy mark.

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Director: David Mirkin
Producer: John Davis
Screenplay: Robert Dunn
Editor: William Steinkamp
Stars: Sigourney Weaver (Max Conners), Jennifer Love Hewitt (Page Conners), Gene Hackman (William B. Tensy), Ray Liotta (Dean Cumanno), Jason Lee (Jack Withrowe), Anne Bancroft (Gloria Vogal), Stacey Travis (Nurse Gale Grey), Jeffrey Jones (Mr. Appel), Nora Dunn (Miss Madress), Sarah Silverman (Linda),

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