Jeepers Creepers (2001)

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Watch Full Jeepers Creepers (2001) Netflix Stream, A college-age brother and sister get more than they bargained for on their road trip home from spring break. When the bickering siblings witness a creepy truck driver tossing body bags into a sewer near an abandoned church, they investigate. Bad move! Opening a Pandora's Box of unspeakable evil, the pair must flee for their lives -- with a monstrous shape in hot pursuit.

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Director: Victor Salva
Producer: Tom Luse
Screenplay: Victor Salva
Editor: Ed Marx
Stars: Gina Philips (Patricia 'Trish' Jenner), Justin Long (Darius 'Darry' Jenner), Jonathan Breck (The Creeper), Patricia Belcher (Jezelle Gay Hartman), Eileen Brennan (The Cat Lady), Brandon Smith (Sgt. David Tubbs), Peggy Sheffield (Waitress Beverly), Jeffrey William Evans (Restaurant Manager), Patrick Cherry (Binky Plutzker), Jon Beshara (Officer Robert Gideon),

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