Maelström (2000)

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Watch Full Maelström (2000) Netflix Stream, Bibiane is the daughter of a well-known fashion designer who dabbles in modeling when she's not busy helping to run the family business with her brother. But Bibiane has not been especially happy in her work lately, owing in part to an unexpected pregnancy that led her to have an abortion. Bibiane tries drowning her sorrows in alcohol and drugs, and late one night, after several drinks too many, she hits a jaywalker while driving home. The pedestrian staggers away after the accident, and the next morning, Bibiane remembers what happened and is frightened at the prospect that she may ...

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Director: Denis Villeneuve
Producer: Roger Frappier
Writer: Denis Villeneuve
Editor: Richard Comeau
Stars: Marie-Josée Croze (Bibiane Champagne), Jean-Nicolas Verreault (Evian), Stephanie Morgenstern (Claire Gunderson), Bobby Beshro (Philippe Champagne), Luis Oliva (Fishmonger's employee), Marie-France Lambert (Marie-Jeanne Sirois), (), (), (), (),

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