R (2010)

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Watch Full R (2010) Netflix Stream, The R of the title stands for the young protagonist, Rune, fearlessly played by Pilou Asbæk. Imprisoned for violent assault, he's a cocky, good-looking young man placed in the hardcore ward, where his survival depends on quickly learning the prison's parallel world of rules, honor, and obligations. R also stands for Rachid, a young Muslim prisoner who becomes Rune's friend and accomplice, defying the rigid racial stratifications among the inmates. Written by Los Angeles Film Festival

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Director: Tobias Lindholm
Producer: Rene Ezra
Writer: Tobias Lindholm

Stars: Pilou Asbæk (Rune), Dulfi Al-Jabouri (Rashid), Roland Møller (Mureren), Jacob Gredsted (Carsten), Omar Shargawi (Bazhir), Kim Winther (Kim), Jorg Beutnagel (Bjørn), Sune Nørgaard (Sune), Claus Poulsen (Claus), Helmuth Kristensen (Helmuth),

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