Silent Tongue (1993)

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Watch Full Silent Tongue (1993) Netflix Stream, Mad with grief after the death of his Kiowa wife, Roe awaits death under a tree with her body beside him. She begins to haunt him because he won't bury her. His father, who bought him the wife, thinks her sister might reason with Roe.

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Director: Sam Shepard
Producer: Ludi Boeken
Writer: Sam Shepard
Editor: Bill Yahraus
Stars: Alan Bates (Eamon McCree), Richard Harris (Prescott Roe), River Phoenix (Talbot Roe), Dermot Mulroney (Reeves McCree), Tantoo Cardinal (Silent Tongue), Bill Irwin (Comic), Sheila Tousey (Awbonnie / Ghost), Jeri Arredondo (Velada McCree), David Shiner (Straight man), (),

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