Snatch (2000)

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Watch Full Snatch (2000) Netflix Stream, The second film from British director Guy Ritchie. Snatch tells an obscure story similar to his first fast-paced crazy character-colliding filled film “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.” There are two overlapping stories here – one is the search for a stolen diamond, and the other about a boxing promoter who’s having trouble with a psychotic gangster.

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Director: Guy Ritchie
Producer: Matthew Vaughn
Writer: Guy Ritchie
Editor: Jon Harris
Stars: Benicio del Toro (Franky Four Fingers), Dennis Farina (Abraham 'Cousin Avi' Denovitz), Vinnie Jones (Bullet Tooth Tony), Brad Pitt (Mickey O'Neil), Rade Serbedzija (Boris 'The Blade' Yurinov), Jason Statham (Turkish), Alan Ford (Brick Top Polford), Mike Reid (Doug 'The Head' Denovitz), Robbie Gee (Vincent), Lennie James (Sol),

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