Spirit Camp (2009)

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Watch Full Spirit Camp (2009) Netflix Stream, When a street smart goth girl (Roxy Vandiver) is forced to attend cheerleader camp as part of her rehabilitation from a juvenile correction facility, she clashes with the popular girls, and finds herself embroiled in a bitter rivalry with the bitchy ringleader Rachel (Julin). But when members of the spirit squad start turning up dead, the girls must put aside their differences and struggle to survive the murderous rage of a crazed psycho-killer lurking among them!

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Director: Kerry Beyer
Producer: Kerry Beyer
Writer: Kerry Beyer
Editor: Kerry Beyer
Stars: Kerry Beyer (Bobby), Julin Jean (Rachel), Brandon Smith (Sheriff Todd), Amy Morris (Lindsay), Roxy Vandiver (Nikki), Jon Paul Burkhart (Brent), Megan Moser (Missy), Marco Perella (Nikki's Dad), John Lansch (Jake), Alyssia Dujmovich (Blair),

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