The Child (2000)

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Watch Full The Child (2000) Netflix Stream, After working in Hong Kong for a decade to support her family, Josie (Vilma Santos) returns home to find her children's lives in ruins. Since their father's death five years ago, her daughters (Claudine Barretto and Shiela Junsay) and son (Baron Geisler) have made their way through life without their mother. But with a lack of parental guidance, they're on a path to destruction. Can Josie ever repair the damage her long absence has caused?

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Director: Rory B. Quintos

Screenplay: Ricardo Lee

Stars: Vilma Santos (Josie), Claudine Barretto (Carla), Joel Torre (Rudy), Baron Geisler (Michael), Amy Austria (Lyn), Cherry Pie Picache (Mercy), Sheila Mae Alvero (Daday), Leandro Muñoz (Brian), Tess Dumpit (Norma), Cris Michelena (Arnel),

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