The Mad Monk (1993)

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Watch Full The Mad Monk (1993) Netflix Stream, Stephen Chow plays an angel-type being in this movie, in where he bets the other people in Heaven that he can change the ways of 3 misguided souls and make them better people. Ressurected as a monk, he must stop a prostitute, a beggar, and an all around bad guy from being what they are (and have been for generations). To add to all of this, he must do this in 3 Heaven days!!!

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Director: Johnnie To
Producer: Mona Fong
Writer: Sandy Shaw

Stars: Stephen Chow (Dragon Fighter Lo Han), Maggie Cheung (Nine Lives Whore), Ng Man Tat (Tiger Fighter Han Lo), Anthony Wong (Chu Ta Chung / Ta Tung's father [2 Roles]), Wong Yat-Fei (Unicorn), Kirk Wong Chi-Keung (Yuan Pa Tien), Michael Chan (Earth God), Anita Mui (Goddess of Mercy), Lau Kong (Magistrate Lee Mo Chun), Gabriel Wong (Young Man with Pregnant Wife),

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