The Perfect Nanny (2000)

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Watch Full The Perfect Nanny (2000) Netflix Stream, Upon her release from a mental institution where she was recovering from a suicide attempt, Andrea McBride (Tracy Nelson) applies for the position of nanny for a handsome, wealthy surgeon, Dr. James Lewis (Bruce Boxleitner), a widower with two children. Another applicant is hired, but she dies in an accident and Andrea gets the job after all, excelling and quickly becoming part of the family. Then Lewis' girlfriend, Dr. Julia Bruning (Susan Blakely), is mysteriously killed. When his boss (Charles Glenn) tells Lewis of impending cutbacks at the hospital, the boss is murdered. Meanwhile, Lewis' teenaged daughter Fawn (Dana Barron) ...

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Director: Robert Malenfant

Story: Mark Castaldo

Stars: Tracy Nelson (Andrea McBride / Nikki Harcourt), Bruce Boxleitner (Dr. Robert Lewis), Dana Barron (Fawn Lewis), Scott Terra (Ben Lewis), Susan Blakely (Dr. Julia Bruning), Katherine Helmond (Mrs. McBride), Christopher Kriesa (Librarian), Sherrie Rose (Rosalee), (), (),

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