The Thieves (2012)

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Watch Full The Thieves (2012) Netflix Stream, A gang of South Korean thieves team up with a Hong Kong crew to steal a diamond necklace from a heavily-guarded casino safe in Macau. As the cops close in, old betrayals — and misunderstandings — resurface.

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Director: Choi Dong-hoon
Producer: Suhyeon An
Screenplay: Lee Ki-cheol
Editor: Shin Min-kyung
Stars: Kim Yoon-seok (Macao Park), Kim Hye-soo (Pepsee), Lee Jung-jae (Popie), Jun Ji-hyun (Yenicall), Simon Yam (Chen), Angelica Lee (Julie), Kim Hae-sook (Chewing Gum), Oh Dal-su (Andrew), Kim Soo-Hyun (Zampano), Derek Tsang (Johnny),

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