Time Barbarians (1990)

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Watch Full Time Barbarians (1990) Netflix Stream, A warrior king has swordfights with ugly savages that crouch around the forest and snarl a lot. An evil bad guy, bent on doing evil things, kills his wife and flees to modern day Los Angeles. The warrior chases after him to avenge his wife's death.

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Director: Joseph John Barmettler
Executive Producer: Jerry Feifer
Screenplay: Joseph John Barmettler
Editor: Tony Miller
Stars: Deron McBee (Doran), Joann Ayers (Lystra / Penny), Daniel Martine (Mandrak), Louis Roth (Stako), H.S. Smith (Bartaga), Guy Fury (Keendra), Timothy O'Sullivan (Tork), Ingrid Vold (Wizard), Gary Moran (Bluck), Jan Bryant (Prisal),

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