Vulgar (2000)

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Watch Full Vulgar (2000) Netflix Stream, Vulgar is about a man who is a childrens clown but has not been getting much luck lately. He lives in a cheap apartment wich he can't even afford. Bums are constantly sleeping in his run down car and crashing on his lawn.He has a nagging mother who lives in a nursing home, and his best friend is a moocher.One day he comes up with the idea to become a bachelor clown.

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Director: Bryan Johnson
Executive Producer: Kevin Smith
Writer: Bryan Johnson
Editor: Scott Mosier
Stars: Brian O'Halloran (Will Carlson / Flappy / Vulgar), Bryan Johnson (Syd Gilbert), Jerry Lewkowitz (Ed Fanelli), Ethan Suplee (Frankie Fanelli), Matthew Maher (Gino Fanelli), Debra Karr (Mother), Kevin Smith (Martan Ingram), Scott Mosier (Scotty), Jason Mewes (Tuott the Basehead), Walt Flanagan (Caddy),

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